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Welcome to Chogori Technology Co.,Ltd

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   Chogori Technology Co., Ltd

  • Light+Building Trade Fair - Frankfurt Messe (March 22nd)

    Day 2 continues with good discussions for future product development needs. As the Lighting, LED, Security and Surveillance markets are experiencing phenomenal growth next few years, Chogori remains ... SEE MORE >

  • Light+Building Trade Fair - Frankfurt Messe (March 21st)

    A good day of customer meetings/discussions here at the Show. Chogori is honoured to work with many customers in Europe over the years for design in of our IP rated connectors and cable assembly sol... SEE MORE >

  • 2014 Beijing APEC Meeting

    On the evening of November,10th 2014, our connector as a gift of the APEC opening ceremony. The performing background is composed of bird\'s nest and the huge LED large screen. SEE MORE >

  • 2011 Shenzhen Universiade

    The 2011 Shenzhen Universiade held in Shenzhen from August 12th, 2011 to August 23rd. This is the first time in the history of Shenzhen hosted the international sports event. SEE MORE >

  • 2010 Shanghai World Exposition

    We are honored to provide 50,000 sets of waterproof connectors for Shenzhen Retop display technology in the production of \"the opening ceremony of the outdoor display screen\". SEE MORE >

  • 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

    2010 Guangzhou Asian Games held on November 12th, 2010 to 27th in Guangzhou, China. Over 100 buildings landscape lighting project use our company’s waterproof connectors that more than 200,000 pieces... SEE MORE >

  • 2009

    In 2009, our company\'s waterproof connectors in the \"Ten Cities and Million Lights\" LED street light project has been applied many times as well as provided a number of different waterproof connect... SEE MORE >

  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Our company is honored and proud to make its own contribution to the “2008 Beijing Olympic Games \". We provide more than 20,000 sets of waterproof connectors for Shenzhen jinlixiang technology comp... SEE MORE >

  • Expo Park Sunshine Valley pointolite waterproof plug

    The advantage of pointolite waterproof plug: 1. Using the power supply signal with water plug, decrease the connectors from 40,000 to 20,000 pairs of joints, to provide customers with the best price. SEE MORE >